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Solution Programs

Solution Programs are designed to address the problems that inhibit employee or company growth. Through training or individual consultation, solution programs are customized for your staff's special needs and will challenge your company to new levels of development. Authored by Arnie Witchel, these workshops and instructional design materials are customizable to meet your unique needs and opportunities.

At Witchel & Associates, we are convinced that workshops that do not provide measurable results are a drain on corporate resources and productivity. That is why we are committed to providing workshops that have actionable plans to help you and your organization succeed and improve, long after the workshop session is over. Some of our topics include:

Conflict Resolution 

Creating High Performance Teams

Creative Customer Service 

Dealing With Difficult Customers

How to Keep the Good Ones: Retaining Employees You Want to Keep

How to Teach and Train on the Internet

Improving Your Ability to Influence Others: Managing Processes and Skills

Improving Your Change Management IQ: Tips for Successful Change Management

Improving Your Influence: How to Influence Up, Down, and Sideways

Leadership in the 21st Century

Managing Successful Projects

Motivating Employees for Peak Performance

Problem Solving: How to Define the Problem to Improve Solutions

Strategic Goal Setting

Strategic Planning and Strategic Management/The 360 View

Stop, Focus, and Pivot: Problem Solving Instead of Reacting

Successfully Leading A Virtual Team

Systems Thinking

The Cost of Disengagement: How to Get Good Performance From Unexpected Sources

The Four Things Every Manager Should Tell Employees

Train Your Trainers

For more information on these programs, or to discuss a customized program for your organization, please contact Witchel & Associates at info@witchelandassociates.com