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Dr. Ken Chamberland and Dr. Arnie Witchel have co-authored an article in the Refractive Thinker, Volume X, on success factors for veteran owned small businesses:

Chamberland Sr., K. A., & Witchel, A. (2016). Success factors of veteran-owned small businesses. In C. Lentz (Ed.) The refractive thinker: Effective business strategies for the defense sector (pp. 83-104). Albuquerque, NM: The Refractive Thinker Press.

Dr. Witchel's analysis on behalf of Valencia College for Transportaion and Security Administraton customer satisfaction study makes news:

Tracy, D. (2015, March 28). Critics fight possible OIA ouster of TSA. The Orlando Sentinel, pp. A1-A2.

Maxwell, S. (2015, April 3). OIA talk of ousting TSA is misguided, suspicious. The Orlando Sentinel, p. B1.

Dr. Arnie Witchel, Dr. Nancy Bostain, and Nick McAuliffe presented August, 2014 at American Psychological Association on the topic of Evidence Based Strategies for Creating A Learner-Centered Virtual Classroom in I-O Graduate Courses

Bostain, N., McAuliffie, N., & Witchel, A. (2014, August). Evidence-based strategies for creating learner-centered virtual classrooms in I-O graduate courses. Presentation conducted at the meeting of the American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C.

Dr. Arnie Witchel presented at the 2nd Annual Orlando SHRM conference in 2012 on business metrics and performance:

Witchel, A. (2012, October). Using business metrics to measure organizational performance and success. Presentation to the 2nd Annual Human Resources Conference, Orlando, FL.

Dr. Arnie Witchel presented at IBAM Conference in Orlando in October 2011 on measuring compliance training:

Witchel, A. {2011, October}. Measuring compliance training in the hospitality industry. Paper presented at the Institute for Behavioral and Applied Management. Orlando, tL, USA.